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WHAT IS HOMEOPATHY?    The basic principle of homeopathy has been known since the time of the ancient Greeks.  Derived from the Greek word `homoios' meaning `similar', homeopathy is the medical practice of treating `like with like'.  This is to say, treating symptoms with a substance that produces in a healthy person, similar symptoms to those displayed by the person who is unwell.  The dilution of the remedies allow this healing process to occur.  Homeopathy sees symptoms as the bodies reaction to disease as it attempts to overcome illness and to stimulate, not suppress this reaction. 
IS IT A NEW THERAPY?   Known to the Greeks in the fifth century, homeopathy was re-introduced in the nineteenth century by the German doctor, Samuel Hahnemann.  By the early 1900's, homeopathy had gained widespread support and now is utilized by practitioners throughout the world.  Homeopathy is practiced in over 60 countries and has received the patronage of the British royal family for several generations.

The Canadian Society of Homeopaths has been a regulating body for homeopaths since taking over for the West Coast Homeopathic Society in January 2006, when the responsibilities of that Society had grown to a national level. For more information on the CSH or to find a homeopath in your city, contact:


  #101- 1001 West Broadway, Unit 120
  Vancouver, BC  V6H 4E4

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